Artist Spotlight – Lisa Kao

Hello and welcome to Avalon’s premiere post! We want to share what makes our collective special, and what better way then to shine a light on the exceptional talent that makes us who we are.

This weeks Artist Spotlight is dedicated to Lisa Kao (aka – Kao.Ink). We were lucky enough to steal some of Lisa’s time between her very busy schedule for a quick interview! You can see her portfolio on Instagram at She can be contacted by email at Check it out!

Avalon: What style of tattoo are you doing these days? 

Lisa: I mostly do illustrative tattoos, but I sometimes dabble into black work and colour. 


Avalon: Out of all the work you have done, what is your favourite tattoo to date?

Lisa: I try to make every project my favorite and do my best in what I put out. If I had to choose one. It would be a color rose I did. 


Avalon: Who do you look up to as an artist? 

Lisa: I have many people I admire. A few of them being @ziwah_tattooer, @tattoo_ham, @hoon unco / uncogrim, and @heeme_tattoo


Avalon: There are so many different ways to express art, what was the deciding factor of becoming a tattoo artist? 

Lisa: I knew I wanted to do art for the rest of my life and chase my dreams of happiness. I decided on tattooing because I can share my art on people’s skin forever. 


Avalon: What do Tattoos and Tattooing mean to you? 

Lisa: Best way to describe it for me is Tattoos are like perfume. When you see it; you get a reminiscence of where/when/why you have it. What Tattooing means to me is a historical art form that takes total concentration and life dedication. 


Avalon: You are tattooing in a time when technology and creativity are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a tattoo artist, looking back at how the industry used to be before- is there anything you wish had not changed or stayed traditional? Anything you wish you had experienced? 

Lisa: I wouldn’t change anything. Today’s technology helps tattooing to be easier. Light weight machines help save the hands. I wish I experienced how to make a coil machine and solder my own needles. 


Avalon: Once the pandemic subsides, are you looking forward to conventions and competing? 

Lisa: I’m eager to go and meet many more artists and learn. I definitely want to compete and see what I am capable of. 


Avalon: What is your favourite part of tattooing? 

Lisa: I always feel honoured to be part of someone’s expressive journey with a tattoo. That, and adding in white highlights. 


Avalon: What is your least favourite part?
Lisa: Applying stencils can be a real challenge sometimes.


Avalon: Have you always been interested in art? 

Lisa: I’ve always been in love with art. When I was 5 I went to my first art class and loved it. 


Avalon: How Long have you been practising?

Lisa: I’ve been tattooing for almost a year, but have been practising for over two years now!

A special thanks to Lisa for her time in answering some questions. She is currently booking a month out, so if anyone is looking for some beautiful art you can reach her through email (